Reckoner Update June 2024

There has been quite a bit of work done on Reckoner this month! In particular, background syncing was added on Android and system tray support and minimizing to the tray was added for Linux.

🚢 Releases

There were quite a few releases this month. In particular, v1.1.0 was released with support for background syncing! And then there were a flurry of bug fixes around the recent changes. However, there were a few changes that fixed and issue reported by a user, (thanks Cliff), and I made a change to the web build which fixed a long dormant bug with chromebook support. I was able to verify that production Reckoner now correctly loads on our family chromebook.

There should be a new release out shortly to address issues with saving data via the sync service. Additionally, I have found the number one cause of sync issues happens when trying to save transactions and the associated Merchant isn’t available in the locally saved data. This will influence future development and I am working on adjusting the database model for transactions as it applies to merchants. Expect updates about this in the future.

📚️ Documentation

Nothing much to update on the documentation front. I need to update all the screenshots with the latest UI changes. I also really need to add documentation about device synchronization.

📱 Application Store Releases

I have two updates for app store releases. In one case I have removed Reckoner from an store and in the other I have failed to build it for a platform.

🫰 Snapfu

Let’s start with the platform I removed Reckoner from. I am no longer supporting Reckoner for the Snap Store. I have the policy of not releasing the app to app store (besides web) if I can’t fully support all of the features. The feature I had trouble implementing in the snap variant was the support for a tray icon. I was able to figure out what was needed for Flatpak and AppImage, but nothing seemed to get the tray icon to show up for the snap package. That along with the myriad of other issues with Snap packaging has lead me to drop Snap support. I have had many more downloads of Reckoner from Flathub than I have from the Snap store.

🪟 Windont

The other update is that I attempted to add Windows support to Reckoner. Ultimately SQLCipher is not linking correctly in Windows. I have added my comment to the issue, but as per my previous statement, I am not going to release Reckoner on Windows until it has feature parity with Linux/Android. In the meantime, Windows users can use the web application.