Velten Software Development can help you deploy backend services using Amazon Web Service (AWS). With extensive experience in serverless AWS services and Python, I bring a wealth of expertise to backend development, ensuring robust, scalable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs. I have experience building information technology products for a variety of industries which include defense, healthcare, insurance, automotive, and utilities. See my resume or LinkedIn for specific information about tools I have used for previous and current clients.

In addition to backend prowess, I am also proficient in Flutter and Dart. Whether you’re looking to build cross-platform mobile apps, dynamic web applications, or desktop applications our my expertise in Flutter and Dart enables the creation of stunning user interfaces with performance and responsiveness.

If you are interested in talking to me about your project, you can email me at [email protected].

Software Projects

Velten Software Development also builds and releases my own software products. This work is developed in the public and a journal of my development updates are maintained for those interested.


Reckoner is a private, client-first, personal financial tracker. Reckoner is designed to empower users with complete control over their finances while ensuring the utmost privacy and security. Reckoner stores a full copy of all information on each device in an encrypted database. For synchronization, Reckoner uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that only your devices can read the data.

Not only does Reckoner prioritize security, but it also offers radical customization options to suit individual preferences and needs. Users have the freedom to personalize categories, tags, and attach budgets to categories to allow them to organize expenses and income in a way that aligns with their unique financial goals and lifestyle. Whether users prefer a minimalist layout or a more detailed overview of their financial data, Reckoner empowers them to customize the interface to suit their individual preferences.

Try out Reckoner today using the demo website. The demo website generates temporary example data so you can see how Reckoner works for yourself.