👋 Hello everyone, I’m Victor Velten. I created this site to host my side projects. It’s still a work in progress, so things will likely change a bit over time.

About Me

I’m a father of 3 kids with my beautiful wife. For my day job, I am a backend software developer who works on building AWS infrastructure. This is the fifth industry I have done software IT work for (defense, healthcare, life insurance, automotive, and now power generation).

In terms of interests, I’m a nerd through and through. My favorite past time is to meet with friends and family and play some board games. At the other end of the spectrum, I enjoy weightlifting and CrossFit adjacent strength and conditioning style workouts. I have always been a bit of a planner and financial nerd which helped me determine my first personal software product.

Software Projects

If you’re here, you really should check out my (currently only) side project Reckoner. This is an encrypted, local, personal financial tracker. This will always and forever be free to use. The only thing that will cost the user is when I incorporate the ability to download transactions automatically from a financial service.