Reckoner Update May 2024

A little less development was done this month as I was finalizing the formation of my LLC! In particular, I had to meet with a CPA, insurance, etc. I nearly have everything in place for all of my professional work to be done through my LLC going forward! With that out of the way, here are the development updates.

🚢 Releases

There were only two releases in April. Both were small quality of life or even a spelling error. Currently v1.1.0 is in development. This will involve adding help actions to the header to link to the documentation when clicked. This should be release later in May.

📚️ Documentation

The documentation website has finally received some love! In particular I am filling out the screens section and adding more screenshots and detail. I am hoping this will serve to guide users on how to use the application until I have the time to implement a full getting started screen on first launch.

📱 Application Store Releases

Nothing new to report on this front. I will be investigating adding windows support for the v1.1.0 release, but the app documentation has taken the current top priority. I have not had the time (or the interest) in people for getting it released to Google Play. I might just have the app available on the Apple App Store before Google Play due to the testing requirements.

🏢 The Business

In case the website redesign didn’t tip you off, I now officially have an LLC! I am still in the process of getting all of the other bits and bobs completed to accept payment and should have my current contract work billed through my business this month or the next.