Reckoner Update December 2023

Some usability improvements and final tidying up for the stable release. I didn’t have as much work completed this past month with the Thanksgiving holiday and other family engagements.

🚢 Releases

There was one release last month. The big under the hood change is to change the application identifier to In tandem with this change I registered the domain Now all reckoner information and web hosting will be done using this website instead of this website.

The big UI change here is to add merchants as their own top level navigation entry. Similarly, in the next release, tags have been made into a top level entry. Coming back again to this release, there were several usability improvements to the specification for report filtering. In particular, icons have been added to several chip editing fields to give more visual flare to the UI.

What’s Next

At this point the majority of the important infrastructure is completed. I have a handful of important tasks to complete. The most important of which are to finalize the database schema. In addition to a few other usability improvements. When that is done, it’s stable release time!

General Tasks

Version 1.0 (Future)