Victor Velten

Full Stack Software Engineer

By trade I've primarily been a backend software engineer. For my passion projects, I'm a frontend software engineer. I seek out interesting problems which I can dig in and produce creative, effective solutions.


Tools I use with on a regular basis

Tools I have worked with in the past or infrequently

Career Experience

Duke Energy Corp.
Senior Software Developer
2022 - Present
Tools: Python, Terraform, AWS Lambda, AWS Aurora, AWS Dynamo DB, AWS API Gateway, AWS SNS (SMS), AWS Sagemaker Studio
Working as the primary backend developer for creation of AWS resources for job brief digitization and vegetation management automation for running Sagemaker resources.
Cox Automotive Inc.
Senior Software Developer
Tools: Python, AWS SAM, AWS Lambda, AWS Dynamo DB, AWS Kinesis Data Streams
Short contract position where I aided the cloud migration for their cost management software. Used Kinesis Data Streams on Dynamo DB to flow data from one piece of the infrastructure to another.
National Guardian Life Insurance Inc.
Senior Software Developer
2021 - 2022
Tools: Node.js,, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway
NGL set the stage for my current employment endeavors as a backend cloud developer. I was exclusively developing backend software since NGL used several low code solutions for new frontend software.
Software Developer and Team Lead
2013 - 2021
Tools: M/MUMPS, C#, Visual Basic
Epic is where I truly became a software developer. I learned several best practices for software development and management. I held several roles while here including a team lead of teams of 10 people or less. The only detriment of the role was the relatively esoteric technologies used which aren't used commonly in the software industry as a whole. I started primarily a frontend developer in the note taking application and ended primarily in backend software development for the interoperability team.
  • Helped to stabilize quality issues in the note taking and interoperability applications
  • Completed a stalled project to deliver customer requested note taking feature
  • Lead project and small teams for new functionality and application maintenance
BerrieHill Research LLC
Computational Engineer
2010 - 2013
Tools: C++11, FORTRAN
Transitioned from using computational electromagnetic (CEM) software for simulations to programming for CEM simulation software.
  • Rebuilt a geometry translation tool from FORTRAN to C++ and improved the scaling from O(N2) to O(N).
  • Improved near-field numerical integration accuracy for Method of Moments CEM simulation tools.


Reckoner 2021 - present
Tools: Flutter, Dart
Privacy-focused, user respecting, personal finance tracking tool. Utilizes a local SQLite database using the Drift library to locally store manually entered data. UI design and layout adapts to both mobile and desktop layouts.
  • Radically rethinks categories and budgets, allowing user to generate them dynamically
  • Allows for user customized reports and report views
  • User data is encrypted by default on supported platforms


University of Dayton
BSEE Electrical Engineering
BS Mathematics