Reckoner is a local first personal finance tracker. This means that the data is on your device first and not exclusively in some cloud which is a synonym for someone else's computer.

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⚠️!Warning!⚠️ This project is currently in alpha status. Things can and will break. Please only use this for testing at this time.



Reckoner is designed to allow for radical customization of the UI layout with report views you can customize to make it yours!



Reckoner runs on your device and only your device! No ads shown or cloud needed!



Reckoner is built with the Flutter framework which provides a single code base with near-native performance.

Categories, Limits, and Tags

Reckoner provides two primary ways to sort transactions: categories and tags. Budgets are created by assinging limits to category groups. This allows a lot of flexibility and customizability as you can run multiple budgets at the same time! Or ignore budgets/categories altogether if that's not your style and just tag transactions.

Custom Reports

Build custom report views to look at the data you want, how you want it presented. Want a list of the most recent transactions per a tag? Or perhaps you prefer to have a bar chart of the spending in each category. Whatever your preference, you can make the view uniquely yours.

Reckoner Linux Reckoner Android

Any Device

Reckoner currently supports desktop (Linux), mobile (Android), and Web. Support for Apple and Windows devices is in the future roadmap.


Before building this tool I used Firefly III for my personal fianance tracking. It is a great tool and some of the user interface design for this app borrows heavily from that project. However, as James Cole states in his documentation "It's opinionated, which means it follows the mantras that I, the developer like." . That is his perogative, but I found myself bumping into these limitations imposed by the design and wanted to build not just a tool for myself, but one which could be molded for any mantra. Thus this tool.